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a hopeless and incorrigible fangirl

Justice 4 Greedo
  • University of Sussex - Brighton, England - East Sussex, United Kingdom (2001 - 2004)
  • Open University - Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (2006 - 2010)
Fera Festiva: Lifelong and incorrigible fangirl. Godless socialist, unmitigated dork, hardened cynic, hopeless romantic, caffeine addict. I like music that makes me sad and TV aimed at children. I like to glue things together, and rip other things apart. I like pizza and epoxy resin, but not together.

Friending. If you friend me, there is a good chance I will friend you back if we have ever interacted, or if we have any friends/communities/interests in common. I like new friends and for all that I profess to hate everything I promise I don't bite. If your journal is empty, if have no idea who you are, or if you look like a spambot, no. I lock very few of my posts and, in any case, like to hear from random people. Hello!

Kids! In the adult books! I don't screen my posts for "adult content" or anything along those lines, because I'd rather let you decide for yourself if something is suitable for you to read. I will always cut, and warn outside the cut, for anything obviously triggering or offensive. (And feel free to let me know if I should have warned for something and didn't.) However: this is the journal of an adult and I sometimes, not all the time, write about adult things. These will include sex, drugs, left-wing politics, violence and creative, gratuitous swearing. On a related note:

Age statement, in case anyone still uses them. I'm well over 18.

Other places. I am something of a jack-of-all-trades. Here are some of the other things I get up to:

★ Etsy shop: Kafoozalum, for handmade resin jewellery, textiles, embroidery and other things depending on what I feel like making at the moment.
★ I talk nonsense constantly as @CornishCalzone on Twitter.
★ On that note, I post macros, random pictures and links and other such miscellany too short for LJ but too long for Twitter as Fuck Yeah Fera Festiva over on Tumblr.
★ I run Clipart Covers.
★ Some of my art and photography can be found on DeviantArt.
★ My Dreamwidth, which is my default place for posting these days: Fera Festiva.

Feel free to add/follow me anywhere you like. Also, if you do, let me know who you are, or say hello!

Alternatively, contact me: thefutureisfera@googlemail.com.

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