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OMFG an LJ post
This is wangst; apologies in advance and do feel free to ignore it.

Over the last few days, as a way of passing the time while I'd had very little to do at work, I've found myself going through old LJ entries, organising the tags and updating links and so on. This has unexpectedly left me in a state of horrible depression, the likes of which I have not seen in a long while.

I've thought about it, and I think I know why this has happened, and it's because -- dear god, I'm not even sure I should be posting this because I feel like an idiot -- I miss LJ fandom so fucking much.

I miss the way we did fandom then (by which I mean only a few years ago, but it seems so much longer). I miss comment threads. I miss the days of squeeing over Remus/Sirius and drawing silly steampunk fanart and attempting to write fic which I was then too embarrassed to post because people would maybe read it and it wouldn't be as good as all the other things out there. I miss it all, I miss it so much. I feel terribly, horribly lonely, and I dearly wish I could claw back the good things from a few years ago, but it's mostly all gone.

I mean -- I am still in touch with some of the closest of my friends from that time. We speak on Twitter almost every day, I see their posts on Tumblr, or on Facebook (and those are not bad ways of communicating; I use them all). Other friends, though, I don't know what happened to them. I miss them. My heart hurts when I remember them. I'm not saying I'm not grateful for the friends I still have, because I know I am so, so lucky to have them in my life, and I wouldn't change them for the world, and I am touched that they would want to have anything to do with little old Fera. (You know what? Most of them won't see this, because they don't use LJ/DW any more. I'm not sure if anyone will see this at all, if I'm honest. I think maybe I'm screaming into the void.)

(And the thing is, it took me a long time to find any really good fandom pals, and by the time I'd done that, the fandoms themselves had moved on or were over or we'd all got into different things, and then I didn't know how else to meet people, and for all that fandom is a big place, it's easy to feel rather isolated, especially if you're lacking in confidence and not so able to easily bound up to people and introduce yourself.)

I'm rambling all over the place here. And overusing brackets.

(A possible positive side-effect of all this: I might actually have the confidence to post some of that fic that's been hanging about on my hard drive for ages, because the chances of anyone actually reading it are slim anyway. In fact, this is a promise. I'll post fic.)

I'll stop here.
angry loner
Apropos of nothing (although inspired partly by a discussion over on my Twitter a couple of months ago), I have decided to make a post (actually two posts; it got long) about the worst films I have ever seen.

Before I begin, I want to explain that I’m not using any precise definition of a bad film, except that these are all films I hated; my reasons for hating them vary from film to film. Moreover, there are films I’ve seen and hated but that were excluded from this list, which largely fall into three categories:

  • Films that were sufficiently shite that I couldn’t watch them all the way through. For this reason, Love Actually -- up there with Triumph Of The Will for audience manipulation, with Deep Throat for egregious male gaze, and with the first trimester of pregnancy for nausea and vomiting -- is not on the list, even though I loathed it, because I ended up leaving the room and doing something more enjoyable, which if I recall correctly was either grating off my kneecaps or punching myself in the kidneys again and again and again.

  • Films that I strongly suspected I would hate, or that got terrible reviews, so I didn’t waste any time with them in the first place. Examples include Mamma Mia, the Sex And The City films (and anything other film based on a television programme I loathed in the first place), Titanic, the movie version of Avatar: the Last Airbender, and so on.

  • Films that are so bad they go right through awful and become good. For instance, I recently watched a film called Hercules In New York, which is Arnold Schwarzenegger's first motion picture. It is quite unbelievably terrible. The horrendous acting, ludicrous plot and rock-bottom cheap production values of this film mean it’s actually pretty hilarious, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Highlight: Zeus makes some proclamation or other from his throne on Mount Olympus, and in the background, an angry car horn sounds.)

These posts, then, will contain films I’ve watched properly, and formed an opinion on, and hated. Some of them were offensively bad; some were laughably so, and I hope that comes across in what I’ve written. As with everything I post here, this is utterly an opinion thing, and if you loved one of the films I hated, it’s not a personal attack on you. That said, discussion is - again as always - very welcome.

Slumdog Millionaire, Grease, Forrest Gump, American Tail 2, The HangoverCollapse )

The second half of this post, i.e. five more films I thought were shit, coming soon.
7th-Jun-2012 04:25 pm - I'm the luckiest fucker ever :3
angry loner

This will be a post in which I basically talk about how fucking great my life is and the wicked cool birthday presents I got, so feel free to avoid it. It will contain:

☆ Horrible Histories!
☆ Sherlock!
☆ Anthropomorphic animals kicking each other!
☆ Knitting!
☆ Sex!
☆ Although not by any means all the presents I got, because there were too many, and it's not because I don't love them, it's that this is an edited highlights post

Many pics, including some NSFW ones, below the cut!Collapse )

In conclusion: I'm so privileged to be surrounded by kind people. :3
29th-May-2012 12:44 pm - Bleh
angry loner
(Apropos of nothing, as part of Operation Move Everything To DW Because LJ's Interface Is Getting Shittier And Shitter, I changed my DW layout and even my default icon, which feels weird, because I've had Angry Loner since forever, but whatevs. ETA: And changed it at LJ too, mainly because I could.)



It's my 30th birthday tomorrow! What the actual fuck how do I adulthood oh shit oh shit

I am going to celebrate by eating cake and ice cream, drinking coffee, spending money on fabric and then, next week, singing karaoke. I love karaoke. I am terrible at it. I love it so much.

I will post some posts here soon. These will include more Things I Made, a proper review of the Zelda game I just finished, and maybe even some camwhoring. Who knows.

As per usual, how are YOU?
23rd-Apr-2012 04:41 pm - ANOTHER CRAFT POAST
angry loner
(Sorry about the misspelling of "post". I have no idea where that came from. It's become a compulsion.)

I have a new nephew! He was born just over a week ago. I haven't met him yet, but I hear he is small and, you know. Baby-shaped. Squashy. He is my boyfriend's sister's first sprog. As always, I intend to be the cool aunt who has him to visit when he is old enough, feeds him Haribo and espresso, then gives him back and watches his parents' tidy and modern home be destroyed and sicked up on. (I seriously fucking love being an aunt for precisely this reason. Hanging out with kids, running about, eating sweets, jumping on the beds, giving them back and going home to drink neat vodka, watch violent films, play with matches and say fuck.)

Anyway, I made a quilt because I am your gran. Even though the baby is a boy, it has both blue and pink in it, because for fuck's sake. (The parents are in many ways quite traditional and they would hate something with a skull or a ninja shark on it, and they like "neutral" colours like beige because I don't even know, who likes beige for crying out loud, but anyway, I like bright colours so I thought pastelly ones would be a good compromise.)

More pictures of it, and also the usual bullshit about how it is madeCollapse )

That's it. I'll probably follow this up with another post of stuff I made in about six months, when I next have a burst of actually fucking finishing things.
17th-Apr-2012 04:20 pm - Tiny little pocket shrine
angry loner
It was my dear friend o_deanna's birthday recently, so I decided to make a special gift. This is it. :)

It's been a while since I made a pocket shrine, mainly because they are quite fiddly but also because they're sort of my go-to really special gift for things like important birthdays and weddings. It seemed like the right occasion.

Almost everything in there is, in some way, personal or relevant. (Except for the book I tore up to paper it, which was a copy of this, which I saved when the library threw it away because WTF even is that book.) I won't go into details, because like I said, personal. :)
2nd-Apr-2012 04:16 pm - Holy balls I posted
OMFG an LJ post
Hello! It's been a while, for the following reasons:

1) I am currently not excited about anything in my usual fannish way - god knows I've tried but nothing's grabbed me - so I have had nothing to say about anything. That's not to say I haven't been enjoying stuff, just that I'm not feeling fangirlish about anything right now.

2) Twitter and Tumblr. Sad but true. I don't have the attention span for long LJ/DW posts these days, it seems.

3) Much of my spare time has been taken up with other things, such as:

a. Making stuff as usual. Current projects: sweater from Icelandic wool; circle skirt; socks. Recently finished projects: baby quilt; at least two secret things I can't post about til I've given them to their recipients.

b. Playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Cut for spoilers and gushingCollapse )

c. Training for a charity walk I am doing next month with my mum and sister. We have to do 26 miles. We did 14 on Saturday and it almost killed us.

So that's me. As always, I would like to post to my journal more, but it's difficult when this has always been a fannish place and I don't have any fannish interests right now (LoZ doesn't count because it doesn't). Perhaps I should post more political stuff or crafty stuff, but I don't know if people are interested in those (are you?).

Anyway. How are you all, my lovelies?
angry loner
So I went to Iceland*, you guys, and it was awesome. You should go there. I think you would like it.

* Pre-empting any more lame jokes now by stating outright: the country, not the frozen foods emporium

I could write for days about how much I love this place. I've been wanting to go for years and it didn't disappoint - although it was very different to how I'd imagined, in many ways. Some general points:

+ Reykjavik feels too small to be a capital city, but it is one.

+ At this time of year it gets dark at around 6pm, same as the UK, but it stays dark til 10 in the morning. This almost cost us our free hotel breakfast buffet on the first day. XD

+ I could have this wrong given that I was coming at it from a tourist perspective, but I don't think I've ever been anywhere that has such an egalitarian, socially liberal feel. The attitude that I picked up in almost every sphere was along the lines of "Go ahead, we don't mind". Perhaps this is because conditions in Iceland have always been quite harsh and the population is small, so it's traditionally been in your interest to stick together. Perhaps it's because there's no need to fight for space or resources, so scapegoating is less likely. Perhaps it's because of the naming system, whereby even in the most formal of situations you call everyone by their given name. I don't know. And I could be wrong. But I loved that feeling.

+ HOT SPRINGS EVERYWHERE. I love hot springs more than I can say. There's nothing so lovely as sitting in steamy warm water with cold air on your face. (Although I do draw the line at the lashing, freezing hail we experienced at the Blue Lagoon, and the eggy steam in the geothermal saunas. Bleh.)

+ Sheep are one of the only things that can be easily farmed in Iceland. The upshot of this: lamb to eat, and wool to knit with, are cheap and excellent. \o/ I bought... well, I bought enough wool that I struggled to pack it all. As I knit with it, I keep finding little bits of grass in it.

+ The food seems to be based on the principle that "anything that we can possibly catch, we should probably eat". So traditional cuisine is, like, puffin and shark and crap. (I tried puffin, it was not great; we did not try Hákarl because no fucking way.) On the other hand, I had some fucking AWESOME Thai food and some GREAT burgers and milkshakes.

Anyway! On to the picspam!

Many huge pictures and babble beneath this cut.Collapse )

In conclusion: Iceland is weird and strange and bleak and beautiful and I loved it. I would move there in a heartbeat.
31st-Jan-2012 06:42 pm - SEWING POAST
mlp: rarity sewing
This is another craft post. I guess I make quilts now. I am basically your granny.

Warm and stuffCollapse )
angry loner
This is one of those craft posts I promised. This is the thing I'm most excited about posting - I worked on it for ages!

For Christmas, I made The Underlord an epic present. It is a quilt with the Death Star - the unfinished, albeit working, version of it from Return of the Jedi - on it. :D

That thing's operational!Collapse )

PS This is only the second quilt I have ever made. I sometimes get called ambitious, but the people who say that HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA. :P
9th-Jan-2012 07:41 pm - So. Sherlock, then.
QC: faye YAY
Without spoilers: I loved The Hounds of Baskerville absolutely to bits. I enjoyed the last series of Sherlock well enough, but with this one it feels a bit more like the bug has bitten me. I find myself wondering about the characters: what they're doing right now, what they'd think of this or that, whether I'm more like Sherlock or John (answer: Mrs Hudson) etc, etc. If you're reading this there's a good chance you're a Fan Of Something so I'm sure you know exactly the sort of behaviour I'm talking about.

In short: I require fic. I'll be honest, I would like Sherlock/John and I would like PWP, but to be quite honest I will take anything going if you think it's good fic. Someone? Anyone?


Meanwhile, I had my dear nuclearsugars to stay with me over the weekend. It was spectacular. We ate all the crumpets in the universe, we talked bollocks, we watched many a YouTube video and we went to a very kitschy tea shop in Kemp Town, where we ended up trapped in a conversation with a very drunk young man who threw his scone on the floor and tried to make us drink his tea. It was pretty hilarious. XD I miss you already, love! COME BACK SOON. x
4th-Jan-2012 04:45 pm - Happy new year and all that.
OMFG an LJ post
Well, hello. It's been a while. How was everyone's Xmas/New Year/generic winter or in fact summer break?

Mine was pretty fun. As usual I spent Christmas at the family fold, and then New Year in Cornwall with the Festivas and various associates. This year I decided to dress as Wonder Woman.

(Sorry for crap picture - snapped it on my phone.)

Vague summary of 2011Collapse )

A few other things I should mention, while I'm at it:

+ Firstly, a tumblr I started for no good reason and will continue to update as long as I can be arsed - Clipart Covers, in which I recreate classic (and not-so-classic) album covers using only Clipart and Comic Sans. If you are a graphic design purist you may want to avoid it. *trollface* Otherwise, you are welcome to suggest covers for me to, er cover.

+ I made a shitload of presents this Christmas, so I'll be spamming with craft posts as soon as I can find my camera and upload the photos.

+ I have no idea what to do about the most recent LJ fuck-up (with the removal of subject lines etc). I have threatened to move to Dreamwidth many times and never actually done it, but I'm increasingly tempted to actually bother - mainly because so many comms and anonmemes and so on seem to be jumping ship now. Of course, the other thing is that as much as I'd like to deny it, I just don't use my LJ as much as I used to, what with Twitter and Tumblr, as well as the fact I'm not active in a particular fandom right now, and write/draw a lot less than I sometimes have in the past. At the moment, I'm posting at LJ and backing up at DW, but my LJ paid account expires within the next couple of weeks, so I guess I should make a decision. So, IDK.

More posts soon, though - I have made some WELL AWESOME stuff recently.
angry loner
So I've been utterly shit and disorganised and slack this year and I'm only just thinking about the possibility of sending out holiday cards, as I have done in previous years. As a result, I'm now too late to send Christmas cards and have them arrive in time, especially if you're not in the UK. Also, this year I'm making most of my Christmas presents, so I'm going to be knitting/sewing/soldering/gluing right up until Christmas day and won't have a spare moment to come up with anything interesting to write in the cards.

I still want to send cards out, though. So here's the plan. As some of you already know, I go away every New Year with my family, to a lovely place called St Ives which is in North Cornwall.

If you would like a lovely postcard from St Ives, sent some time around New Year, please leave a comment in this post with your name and address. Comments are screened, but this post is unlocked, so if we aren't friends over here but you want to swap cards anyway, just leave me a comment using your Twitter ID.

I don't expect anything in return at all, but if you would like to send me something, you can find my address in this post. It is friendslocked, so if you can't see it and would like to send me something anyway (again, I don't expect you to), let me know and I'll get my address to you another way.
14th-Nov-2011 04:31 pm - Etsy a go-go
angry loner
(Ugh, it's been way too long. Sorry.)

(And this is a disgracefully self-promoting post. Sorry about that too.)

Apologies over, a drumroll please...

Woo! It's my new Etsy shop, Fete du Village! Please buy lots and lots of things from me and make me very rich

At the moment I'm just selling cushions, which are made-to-order, but I'll also be adding things like bunting (also made-to-order) and quilts (which will be one-offs), probably after Christmas when I have the time to make them.

(And my jewellery store, Kafoozalum, is still going strong too. You could also buy a shit ton of stuff from there and make me super rich.)

So that this post isn't entirely about me essentially begging you to please, please buy the crap that I make so that I can justify the amount of money I spend on fabric, let me also take this opportunity to recommend a shop recently opened by my friend youmademe_miss: Geeks Bearing Gifts! She sells handknitted baby jumpers for mini geeks - I especially like this Baby Eleventh Doctor one as well as Who's The Daddy and, fuck it, all of them.

My point, then, is that you should SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY buying stuff from me and my pals this Christmas. :]

(I might post again later this week. It might be about something really depressing. Huh.)
angry loner
I've been making lots of things recently -- I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day for me to craft as much as I'd like to, but I'm still giving it a go -- but haven't posted much, mainly because I've done lots of things as gifts that haven't been given away yet. (Or because I haven't finished them. I have lost track of the number of almost-finished socks, jumpers, shawls and pillows hanging around my house.)

Let's start catching up. I made this as a birthday present for my dear friend youmademe_miss. We are both great fans of the television programme Horrible Histories, and in particular of this delightful gentleman, Lovely Mat Baynton, who acts in it:

(More pictures here or, you know, Google)

One of the best things about Horrible Histories is the seriously awesome selection of musical numbers and one of the greatest of these is the Pachacuti song:

All of this brings us to Pachacuti: the doll! (Or action figure, depending on what you're going to use him for. Ahem.)

If you were a rival chief, we'd kill you first, and then...Collapse )
angry loner
Being a comprehensive list of the things Delicious has done to piss me off. In this post: screengrabs, ranting, and cattiness; my addiction to slash is laid bare; I accidentally reveal that I still use Hotmail. This post was intended as informative and comes across - I think - as about half informative and half plain old moaning, so, yeah, bear that in mind.

No, really. What were you thinking?Collapse )
27th-Sep-2011 02:24 pm - Well, hello.
angry loner
So I haven't posted for ages. Reasons for this include not having much to talk about; saying all the small little insignificant things I have to say on Twitter rather than making an LJ post; being a total slacker; not having a fandom I'm particularly excited about right now; feeling guilty about not posting.

Allow me to elaborate on that last point. I make a post, then I maybe get some comments, then I answer them. Then something happens like I see a film or watch a new show and I think I should post about it, but then I can only think of a paragraph or so to say, because I'm not very eloquent or clever. In any case, I only posted that last post yesterday so it seems too soon to make another post when I might still get comments on the last one. So I decide to save what I've written and include it in a future post which will contain several of these unrelated things. Then a month passes and I have nothing else to say and the first thing starts being irrelevant and then THE GUILT. And then I feel like I can't just jump back into posting as if I was never away without explaining myself. So I try to come up with a post about why I haven't been posting. Only then I don't finish it. Then a month passes. This continues for some time.

Therefore: I'm just going to resume posting without apologising for being a bit shit. I have about fourteen half-written things to post about, all of which I've put off posting until I've got "enough" for a "real" LJ post, i.e. one that's really long and has Important and Interesting things in it. I have decided to say bollocks to that and just post stuff.

So that this post does contain some actual content, though, and isn't just shoegazing and bollocks: here is a picture of me dressed as Axe Cop for my pal youmademe_miss's birthday costume karaoke night out.

MOAR SOON and that's a promise.
8th-Aug-2011 05:10 pm - CANADIA TIEM


MOAR POASTS COMING SOON. These will include the following exciting topics:

★ Fandom shit that you should look at!

★ New Etsy shop!

★ Shit I made!

★ I guess some thoughts on the final Harry Potter movie if I can be bothered although I saw it like two weeks ago and have forgotten most of it! Although I stand by my previous assertion that the Elder Wand looks like anal beads

★ Yay!
3rd-Jul-2011 10:21 pm - The Seagull in the Wall
angry loner
OMG. So, yesterday was a very strange day and IDK what else to do but blog about it.

First, the backstory. Just over a week ago I posted the following tweet:

Oh god no. I can hear the sound of a trapped animal which has fallen down the chimney and is now stuck there and dying D: D: D: D: D:

For reference: we live in a rented flat, and while the chimney is still open, the fireplaces are boarded up and sealed. We figured it was probably a rat or something, and I guessed it would probably die in there within a few days. Not much fun for anyone, but there didn't seem to be much to do but wait it out.

But all week, the scratching and knocking and scraping continued. Some of the time it was loud and insistent; other times there was silence. This led us to believe that it probably was rats/mice, and that they were getting in through a gap in the wall or something. Something had to be done!

So on Saturday, the Underlord (for those just joining us, the Underlord is how I refer to my live-in gentleman friend) rang the landlord, who sent round a bloke with a box of tools and some humane rodent traps. After much discussion, he carefully cut around the silicon sealant holding the boards in place, and prised them out with a screwdriver...

And said, "Fucking hell, its a seagull!"


The poor little bastard was covered in dust and soot and was rather bedraggled. It was also totally docile; normally seagulls are vicious little fuckers (it's not uncommon to see them attack people for food) but this one had been starving in the dark for a week so it was pretty spaced out, and didn't even react when it was picked up in a blanket and held aloft in a manner reminiscent of the opening sequence from The Lion King:

We carried it into the back garden, where it stretched its wings once or twice and waddled a bit before sitting down. We gave it some water and scraps of food (and I would never normally feed a seagull, but I didn't want the poor thing to die after all that), and it ate some of it and then just sat in the water. Here it is, chilling in the sunshine:

It looks photoshopped, right? Because the seagull is monochrome and the garden is in colour, but no, that's all dust. It was properly caked in it. We did try to brush it off while it was still wrapped in the blanket, but its true seagull instinct kicked in and it tried to take a chunk out of the Underlord's hand.

Last night it was still there, breathing slowly and being eyed up by the neighbourhood cats. I was hoping it would be able to get up enough strength to fly away overnight, but this morning the Underlord found it dead in the garden. ;_; I guess it didn't have the strength to keep going, even after we rescued it. It wasn't injured, though, so at least it wasn't killed by a fox or a cat.

(We put it in the bin rather than try to bury it, because we didn't want foxes digging up the vegetables. THERE IS A SEAGULL IN MY BIN. WHO PUTS A SEAGULL IN THEIR BIN?)

Now I keep freaking out thinking about all the times in the last week I could hear it knocking against the boards with its beak, and I just ignored it! I don't even like seagulls much - they're a vicious nuisance if you live by the sea - but I wouldn't harm one on purpose, and now I feel horribly guilty. The poor little dude.

In conclusion: what.
13th-Jun-2011 05:12 pm - CRAFT POST
angry loner
As some of you already know, my dear friend lefaym had her first novella - The Demon Catcher - published recently. It tells the tale of a monk, Euan, and a demon hunter, Leon, who team up to fight some monsters, and also there are handjobs and buttsex. It is wonderful.

For lefaym's birthday, I wanted to make her something special. All signs, therefore, pointed to Demon Catcher chibi dolls!

MOARCollapse )
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