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... Just extremely lazy about blogging these days (other than on Tumblr which doesn't really count, does it).

Anyway, so my dear lefaym and I recently made a pact, that in order to get ourselves writing, we would write at least 100 words a week and send them to each other. Doing so for a couple of months, with associated cheerleading, has led me to writing a fic. This is very unusual and unexpected.

While posting on here these days is the equivalent of screaming into a vacuum, it felt wrong not to at least whack up a link to it. So here you go: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight. The fandom is ATLA, and the pairing is Zuko/Jet and it's got sex and drinking in it so yeah. :S

It's been over a year since my last post and that genuinely makes me sad. I wish I could say "I'll post again soon!" but that would probably be a lie.

Here are some things I have done recently, as an update: made a fuckton of sewn items, including for money; been told off for swearing at a wedding (achievement unlocked, am I right); played Animal Crossing New Leaf a lot; shaved the side of my head for fun; had a biopsy which THANK FUCK was nothing to worry about; dressed up as a mime; swum in the North Sea; eaten seven kinds of cheese in one sitting; been brought multiple dead animals by the cat.

Speaking of cats, here is a cat parade.

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