Justice 4 Greedo (fera_festiva) wrote,
Justice 4 Greedo

Well it HAS been a while

Drive-by posting to share my first ever tattoo. I love it a lot.

It was designed and inked by Luci Lou at Angelic Hell in Brighton. She is a wonderful artist and designer, and super friendly and kind, and she really reassured me before/during/after the process. Overall YAY.

I'm going back to get colour added in a few weeks, and then I'll need another session after that. One session will be to colour the different elements, and one will be to fill in the patchwork hexagons in the background.

It hurt, but not as much as expected (it mainly felt scratchy). I did get a bit lightheaded a few times, though. I ate chocolate and wine gums throughout the process which helped. Afterwards I ate a cheese and ham toastie the size of my head.

The end. :D
Tags: body mods, craft
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