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So I didn't say anything about this before because I didn't want to jinx anything or be too excited or anything, but here is some news: my gentleman friend and I have bought a house.

We actually don't officially buy it until a week today, which is the date we complete, which always sounds faintly sinister to me. But we have exchanged contracts and paid our deposit, and are now frantically packing up our flat and giving things to charity and selling other things and organising vans and buying paint and generally running around in circles. This is more than a bit stressful.

This is going to be such a good thing when it's done, because we won't have to pay some money-grubbing bastard rent any more, and I really do hate paying rent because it's ridiculously high and I've never rented from any landlord who wasn't either useless or an arsehole.

(Stupid thing: our mortgage payments will be something like £150 LESS per month than our rent. I'll spare the major rant, but seriously, renting is such a fucked-up business, at least in this country and this part of the country, I don't know about other places. It's so high you end up living hand-to-mouth half the time, and you are utterly at your landlord's mercy. A few years back we were kicked out of our flat just before Christmas, and a few years before that we waited over a month for a landlady to replace a broken boiler in the middle of winter. You get scared to complain and demand is so high that you can't get away with withholding rent or threatening to move out. Maybe it's just where I live, but it's a shit situation.

And while I'm on the subject: we couldn't have bought this place without money that my parents have basically given us - although we do intend to pay them back - and that is fucked up too. We're lucky, lots of people aren't. Again, rent is so high it's impossible to save up. It makes me really cross.)

Anyway anyway - this is exciting! Our house is a nice one, nicer than we thought we'd manage. It is an ex-council house (built in the 1930s under the Homes For Heroes movement), and it even has some original features - notably the open fireplace in the living room, and the wooden floorboards, ahhhhhh! And a huge garden in which we plan to keep chickens. We are going to have a vegetable patch. WE ARE GOING TO GET A CAT. SO EXCITING.

Seriously though, this is really exciting for us, and tiring and stressful at the same time, but ultimately it will be wonderful, I hope.


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